Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Been A While!

Hello Lovelies, it's been a while!
A lot has been going on since I last wrote an entry. We're now well into preparing for our end of year show Cherry Tree Lane, an adaptation of Mary Poppins at College, and before you all ask, no I'm not Mary Poppins, I'm the policeman. It was a bit of a shock to receive this part but when explained to me why I had this part I have fully embraced this part!
Yes, that will be me!
I was flicking through my diary and with my first 1940's weekend only a few short months away, I thought it was about time I start planning what to wear! Normally, when it comes to 1940's weekends I look at films and TV programmes to inspire me. So I have four inspirations for my outifts this year;

Gladys Whitham- Bomb Girls

Gladys is the daughter of a wealthy Rosedale family who defies convention to work on the floor at Victory Munitions. I really admire her wardrobe, she oozes wealth and superiority but also with the traditional 1940's silhouette
.With the first event being in late April and the typical British Weather a hat and coat will be essential as it may be cold! Also, who doesn't go out in a nice hat? I know I don't! Well... unless I'm at college.

Agent Peggy Carter- Agent Carter

Who doesn't like Agent Carter. People at College call me Agent Carter because of my hair, I'd love to be an agent in the 1940's, she's very me!
This outfit is just gorgeous, if anyone knows where I can get a suit like this I will be eternally grateful! As you can see, I'm choosing a lot of hat outfits! I need more hat boxes!

Nellie Forbush- South Pacific
I told you I'm a musical theatre girl, and this is what I'm talking about Nellie in South Pacific is an ultimate fashion icon.

I already know where to get half of this outfit! Look! No hat, all I need now is a chap to come with me!

Nancy Morell- Land Girls

Land Girls is one of my ultimate favourite 1940's TV shows and Nancy is one of my favourite characters, she's basically me!
This is the ultimate land girl look at should be quite easy to put together! I just hope the weather picks up!

I'm going to do a bit of internet shopping now!
Keep Adventuring

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