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Book Review- Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s: A Practical Guide by Bethany Jane Davies

Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940's
Bethany Jane Davies
Hello hello my little adventurers!!
So, I'm going to share a book review today about a book I bought on New Years Eve as my New Years Resolution is to look vintage everyday (even last Thursday when I had a cracking hangover)!

In November last year I went to the beautiful Vintage Beauty Parlour in Manchester to get my hair styled by the lovely Bethany Jane Davies for the Christmas Ball hosted by the 1940's/1950's Most Marvellous Meet Ups Group. I can't sing my praises enough! We had a great time sipping on Prosecco while Bethany and her vintage hair and make up team worked hard to style our hair and make up for the era! 
Me on the left and Holly on the right had our hair styled by Bethany Jane Davies.

Bethany told us that she had written a book all about key styles of the 1940's and I decided to invest in it over the Christmas period.

The book itself is separated into many chapters- starting with Hair in the 1940's, Elements of the 1940's style, moving on to Step-by-step 1940's up styles and down styles. There's a handy section at the back of the book for pin curl diagrams. There's also a section on make-up and tutorials for your nails to get those perfect 40's nails.

The Sweeping Pompadour Hair Picture
My Sweeping Pompadour
My Sweeping Pompadour
 This week I tried two of the hairstyles out of the book before I got ill and spent a few days in bed. I did the sweeping pompadour and the sophisticate for when I went to see Chitty Bang Bang- I recommend the Sophisticate if you do dance as all of your hair is up and out of the way and lasts a few days! Mine lasted 3 before I took it out and I had lovely voluminous curls to play with!

The Sophisticate Hairstyle

My Outfit of the day with the Sophisticate hairstyle
My Sophisticate Hairstyle

My Sophisticate Hairstyle
 I highly recommend this book to any 1940's enthusiast! I give it 5 Hattie stars!

Next week I'll be reviewing Vintage Hairstyles by Emma Sundh and Sarah Wing.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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