Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Me!

Me at Grassington 1940's Weekend 2014
Hello hello there my darlings!
I'm so glad you just so happened to stumble across my vintage haven! I'm Hattie, your resident glamour puss. I'm 17 years old, studying Musical Theatre in Leeds and I've grown up in the Yorkshire Dales, and as you can probably guess, I love vintage! I say love I think I'm a tiny bit obsessed. Growing up where I grew up probably contributed to why I am so obsessed with the 1940's and 50's as each village has it's own little slice of history and there are plenty of 1940's weekends for me to sink my teeth into. Growing up in the Dales has always inspired me to write as well. Since I could remember I've been writing, little stories to start- but as I got older these have progressed to full scale pantomimes, and even a mini film! I am now currently trying to film the Downton Abbey-less hole left in ITV with my own version of the hit TV Show set in the 1940's called "Courage and Compassion" You'll definitely hear more about my writing and my adventures in this blog.

That's enough about me for an introduction I think-
Me and a Spiv at Haworth 1940's Weekend 2015

I trust you all had a marvellous Christmas and New Year? Have you made any New Years resolutions? I have made several New Years resolutions this year, of which I'm determined to stick to!

Things I want to achieve this year;

  1. Finish "Courage and Compassion"- This is an odd one because only my close friends will really know what I'm on about! But as I explained briefly in my introduction "Courage and Compassion" is the period drama I'm writing. Hopefully this year I am going to finish Series One, the Christmas special and Series Two of this adventure! I'm going to study screenwriting when I go off to University in September so it'd be good to show at least ONE complete series of scripts!
  2. Finish watching Mad Men- Considering I spent £40 on series 1-6 last year and Mum got me series 7 for Christmas I really should get watching.
  3. Attend more 1940's weekends- I've already made a huge list, I just need to save up. But this year is going to be a big year for 40's weekends.
  4. Attend more meet ups- I'm part of a group on Facebook called "1940's/1950's Most Marvellous Meet Ups" where like minded folk of the vintage scene or "Marvellettes" and "Marvellchaps" get together to talk about the 1940's and 1950's, Emma and her "Madmins" have done a brilliant job in bringing people from across the country together and helped people such as me become more confident and gain some brilliant friends. Last year they had a Christmas Ball and well... I had a Ball!!
  5. Clear out my wardrobe- Ladies- you'll know what I'm talking about- I am a guilty owner of over ONE HUNDRED dresses! However due to illness I have lost a lot of weight and now my clothes are hanging off me. It's time to de-clutter and re-fill my wardrobe.
  6. Be happy- I have started the year on a bit of a downer, I've been very anxious having anxiety attacks- but I feel that this blog will be my escape and will hopefully make me a happier person.
Two friends from the 1940's/1950's Most Marvellous Meet Up's group at the Ball!

I'll leave this here for now- I hope to hear from you soon! 
Stay Glamorous
Hattie Bee
Head Glamour Puss

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Me and My Dearest friend Lottie at Haworth 1940's Weekend 2015

Wearing my late Auntie Irene's dress for Vintage By The Sea 2015

Grassington 1940's weekend 2015

Grassington 1940's Weekend 2015


  1. Well hello!!

    What a great beginning to your new blog. Well done. Great mixt if text and pics. Look forward to reading more about your vintage escapades.

    Much love.

    Pauline. X

    1. Thank you very much Pauline! Hope I have you hooked!
      Keep Vintage
      Hattie xx

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  3. Hi! I have literally just stumbled across your blog! What a delightful young lady you are and I look forward to meeting you soon! PS I've just restarted blogging after a 2 Year absence I'm hoping to become hooked once again! Love Marie @ Didi's xx