Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Fellow Adventurers! I Need You!

Its not often I ask for help, but I really need your help! The season is just starting out, and as I said in my last post my outfits are being sorted but there is something YOU, yes you, can do to help me!

Some of you may be familiar with Twinwood Festival in Bedford, if not I suggest you check the link out! It is a huge festival devoted to vintage which happens in the last weekend of August. It is full to bursting with singing, dancing, fashion, music, the whole shebang!

Now, at this festival they run a competition, Miss Vintage UK, and this year (2016) is the first year I have been able to take part!  I'm not expecting to get through to the final but I know it would certainly mean the world to me if I did! This is where I need you, the photos have gone live and I need as many of you as possible to " Like" and "Share" my picture to increase my chances- At the moment I think I'm in the top 5. But we have until the end of May to keep me there! So please do "Like" and "Share" and help me on my way to the final!

Many thanks and Keep adventuring,

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