Monday, May 16, 2016

Purisim at events- Is it needed?

Afternoon my little adventurers!
The 1940's season is now in full swing, and I've nearly finished college! The start of the season makes me reflect on things from the past year, and a big topic of discussion is... Purisim, basically if you dress 100% vintage and accurate, you're doing the right thing...

Me and Lottie at Haworth yesterday

Yesterday at Haworth we were walking down Main Street and there was a lady pushing a pram... now I don't know who she was talking about, but I hear her say very disapprovingly "they didn't wear that in the 1940s" I nearly rolled my eyes out loud.

This is the thing, many people including myself have decided to choose what can be a VERY expensive hobby- this year alone I've spent nearly £400 on new clothes for events, but obviously some people don't have the money to buy original vintage- myself being one of them- most vintage items range from £50 to into the 100s, and they are very peculiar sizes- for example, I couldn't get a vintage wiggle dress purely for the fact my measurements don't work with that I'm 34-25.5/26-34 when hips were normally two inches bigger, so I have to get these things made to measure, but we make the effort. 

Wearing my Great Aunt's dress for Vintage By The Sea
Anyone who knows me knows how much effort I put into 1940s weekends and then to be told snobbily "that's not what they wore then" is a bit of a kick in the teeth- it was the same at Morecambe (when I had to go on my crutches and James had to help me around because I was so tired but it was the first day out in a few months for me because I was housebound with pain)- I had a lovely day but a man came up to me and went "they didn't have crutches like that in the 40s" I didn't think I cared I was happy wearing my great aunts dress feeling a million dollars but that knocked me so I bought some original crutches and I'm not going to lie it was the biggest waste of £20 in my life, it was so painful. 
The biggest waste of £20 ever.
Anyway, I'm back on my feet (half the time) and I always make an effort to tell people how nice they look, if they want some advice I'll give them it, but I don't make snide comments under my breath... Moral of the story "if you have nothing nice to say don't say it" .

My advice...
If you have nothing nice to say don't say it. And if you receive a negative comment, smile, fluff your petticoat and strut off.

Keep adventuring,

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