Thursday, October 6, 2016

University... That is all

I'm now in week 3 of university, and I'm not going to lie, it's been rocky. I hardly eat, I drink too much (Alcohol units consumed since arriving...more than 60... which I suppose is alright in student terms?)... and spend to much on rubbish I don't need. Lets do a brief run down on what's happened since I arrived.

DAY 1: Cried a bit because my dad left me a note about growing up, but that's okay, Lillie came round and got drunk with me so that makes everything okay... I didn't know how to work the oven, so Lillie had to make sure I had made something edible before she left.... it took me three hours to drink that soup...

My beautiful Queen who's going to be in my next YouTube Video

DAY 2: Had an emotional breakdown about how much I didn't want to do my course, cried down the phone to Jemima, my Grandma, Bobbi-Jo and Lillie. Lillie had to ditch her hubster and come and sit with me, again got very drunk. Thoroughly enjoyed cutting out laminated pieces of paper and watching "Into The Woods" though.

DAY 3: Went to visit my girlies at Edge Hill who reassured me everything would be okay eventually. Spent a wonderful few hours wandering the charity shops of Ormskirk, my student loan hasn't come through yet but still, enjoyed spending some money on some pretties! Then onwards to Rufford to spend some quality time with my Auntie and Cousins who just make anything seem fine... Went to watch the new Bridget Jones film as well, realised how much my life is turning into hers... is that good or bad? NO ALCOHOL TODAY WHAT ON EARTH?!
My sentiments exactly.

DAY 4: Got together with the lovely Angie who bought me breakfast/lunch/dinner at Bruciani's in town. Trawled around the charity shops spending an obscene amount on books that I don't really need. Ended up sat in the Harris Museum for a few hours on my own waiting for Lillie, Christine and Karen so we could go to a talk about vintage clothes. The Harris Museum is beautiful, I enjoyed doing some writing there. The talk was lovely, was very tired though, we got made to talk about our outfits as we were all dressed vintage. Necked a glass of wine before heading to Turtle Bay for a very very very alcoholic cocktail, stumbled to Tesco with Lillie and got a bottle of wine I would have drank there and then but ended up falling asleep as soon as I got back... Maybe I can go without alcohol for a few days??

Christine, myself, Lillie and Karen (Mamma Bear)

DAY 5: (Williams Birthday) Any hopes of not drinking have gone out the window after 2 snowballs and a glass of wine... not a lot but enough to give a substantial headache tomorrow I presume. Met with Emily for lunch (well whatever I could stomach, 2 crisps and a bite of a toastie). Had an AMAZING two hour bath at Auntie Jane's, giving me time to preen before tomorrow (the big night out). Got back to the flat and watched Ophelia's Live Feed and she gave me a shout out and made me cry, I am so lucky to have a friend like that....
Bet you can't tell I'm hungover here!
DAY 5: Had phone call off Lillie at 5 to 7 to remind me to phone the doctors, she noticed how tired I sounded and let me have another 50 minutes sleep before ringing me again. After 19 calls, got through to the doctors. Time to have hair cut. My hair looks amazing! It's so pretty and short and I can't thank Sharon enough for giving me my dream hair! Met up with Shannon for a non alcoholic beverage and a catch up, I miss this girl so much! To the doctors, I've been diagnosed with social anxiety, I knew it was there, but finally got that professional opinion (thank you Lillie and Ophelia for making me go) Got back and had a chat with Ophelia about what had happened. She was ever so supportive. Got ready to go out with Lillie... this was going to get messy. Five minutes before we left I decided I was going to be sick... (I wasn't that was next week) we went out and had a great time (I had my first kiss eeeeeek!) Lillie and Hayley made sure I was calm and happy at all times, even though I did have a cry over something I didn't like. Rolled in at *gulp* 6 o'clock and had an hours sleep before heading to the park.

DAY 6: I got lost in the park and ended up by Lillie's. Went to get Lillie's hair cut then back to mine to sort out my fairy lights. Fell asleep watching a film and then went to bed.

DAY 7: Family meal, was very sad when I got back and didn't know what to do, cried to numerous people, including Lottie who's found out I'm not eating a lot so asked me round. I'm really grateful.

DAY 8: First day of lectures! One lecture was cancelled. I met Lucas today and asked him to come back to the flat while I waited for my next lecture. He brought Jack along and we had a laugh. I actually ate food at Lottie's, only a little but it tied me over.

REST OF THE SECOND WEEK: Plenty of ups and downs, phone calls to Rachael, Ophelia and my mum.

DAY 13: ROCKY HORROR DAY! Woke Lillie up so I could do her hair after getting lost on the way. Got lift to Blackpool with Ophelia and her amazing parents and went to the Regent for half a ham sandwich and to spend £105 on clothes. Got dressed up and took some obligatory selfies before heading to the Winter Gardens where I don't remember ANYTHING 4 double vodka and cokes on an empty stomach resulted in a lot of sick... I won't go into detail. I just need to thank the girls for not being overly annoyed with me, I mean look how cute I was?

After.... Cute right?....
From then until now I still haven't fully recovered, I'm really tired and ill, but you know, it's shaping up to be some of the best days of my life! I'm certainly very lucky! I'll be back with more uni updates very soon (I promise... that is if I can remember anything after tomorrow!)

Keep Adventuring!

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