Friday, September 16, 2016

And So, The Adventure Begins....

I'm sat looking at piles upon piles of boxes, bags, paintings, photos, all the precious things I'm taking to university... "Are you excited? Nervous?" people keep on asking me... if I'm honest... I'm s******g myself about leaving home and having to be independent. This summer has helped me with independence, going to Skegness with Bobbi-Jo, Telford with Rae and travelling there and back on my own, Twinwood with Lottie (oh, by the way, I came second in Miss Vintage UK!)
Photo Credit- Pete of Beck Photographic

I went to my grandmas and was an extra in a film called "Absent" where I met the incredible Lillie and Ophelia! And had some fun drives around Lancashire in Karen's car! 

However, no amount of silliness and fun and frolics could prepare me for  what I have in store! I'm excited of course but I'm gutted to be leaving behind some amazing people and memories! I could do a massive post about everyone I'm going to miss, but you would get bored! So here is one last shout out to my MT Girlies and Cherry Tree Lane Cast!

I'm going to go and finish packing, but I'll be back with updates! See if I can actually survive university!
Lots of Love and 
Keep Adventuring

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