Monday, August 1, 2016

Vintage Idol Month: Week One

"The idea of my life as a fairy tale is itself a fairytale."
Grace Kelly

Perhaps a quote that I, and that probably everyone can relate to. A quote from a true Hollywood princess. If fairy tales existed I would have been rescued by a handsome prince on his noble mighty steed, married him and would be living happily ever after in a big vintage castle. The reality however is much different. I'm sat at home in my yellow St. Michael's dress, single as a Pringle and watching Melissa and Joey on E4 thinking what can I do with the rest of my day.

I thought as it's August and I am getting ready to enter the next stage of my life (University, where I may meet my handsome prince) I would look at my vintage idols. Starting with Grace Kelly- Princess of Monaco.

Grace Kelly was born on 12th November 1929,  she is probably most famous for her film and stage appearances in the 1950's. She was also more famously known as the Princess of Monaco, she married Prince Rainier III (Whoever said fairytales couldn't happen... never mind) her life was far from a fairytale, despite the glitz and glamour of being a Princess, she longed to return to her life on the screen and suffered with depression.

However, I see Grace as an idol, especially for me. She worked very carefully with the red cross hosting numerous events. One of which was documented in the film "Grace of Monaco" starring Nicole Kidman. Alongside her charity work, she was a fashion icon, these are some of my favourite Grace Kelly looks.

This dress I find so elegant yet simple, it is the epitome of Grace Kelly, who could easily pull off the simplest of looks. The simple white skirt and black top just screams simplistic elegance!

I mean, come on you have to agree, even here in casual slack and a simple shirt she still looks effortlessly elegant!

I could go on for ever! I'm in awe of her style, I even would contemplate cutting my hair that short and maybe even dying it that colour, but that may be a step too far, no? Let me know what you think!

Check back next week when I will be moving on to week two. I'll leave you now with a quote from Princess Grace's Red Cross ball speech.

"I believe in love. And I believe that it’s love that has brought us here tonight. It’s love that will make us put away our guns, and our politics, and our fears and our prejudices. And it’s love that will eventually make everything right."
Keep adventuring, my lovelies.

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